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Age Groups

Age Group Age Group Coordinator (Click to email)
Pre-School and Pre-K OPEN
Kindergarten OPEN
1st Grade OPEN
2nd Grade OPEN
3rd/4th Grade OPEN
5th/6th Grade OPEN
7th/8th Grade OPEN
9th/10th Grade OPEN
10th/11th/12th Grade OPEN


Jr. and Sr. High School Soccer Tryouts (Fall Only)

PARENTS: According to BASD, 6th Graders are NOT PERMITTED to participate in Middle School sports. See https://www.boyertownasd.org/Page/1277 for more information.

If your child is selected for a Middle School or High School Soccer team and does not want to play BSC Intramural soccer, you may receive a full refund of your registration fees.  In order to secure a spot on an intramural team in the event your child would not be selected for a school team, we recommend that you register you child for Recreational soccer and ask for the refund if they are selected.  Many children have tried out for teams, were not selected and were not able to play Recreational soccer either because no room was left and they had not registered during the registration period. Avoid disappointment and register now!