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TOPSoccer Volunteer Information


Eddie Goddard  (484-256-5390)
Kevin Becker

Volunteer Information

WHAT CAN I DO: Be a soccer buddy (one on one coach) to a special needs boy or girl, for 8 weeks. You can miss a session now and then because we share the responsibility with all the buddies.

WHAT WILL I DO: Spend some time teaching them basic soccer skills and get them ready to play a non-competitive game of soccer every week. Make them feel like winners!

WHAT DO I GET: Thanks, in more ways than I can tell you, you’ll just know, but we’ll give you a letter of recommendation as needed for other opportunities that come your way. Many of our buddies use us as a Community Service project for NHS and College Admissions.

HOW DO I GET INVOLVED: Send an email to Eddie or Kevin.