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Team Fundraising

Article X of the Travel Policies

  1. Teams are encouraged to hold individual fundraisers to help offset the costs associated with team events.
    1. All fundraisers must be approved by the BSC Board of Directors. Teams will need to notify the club by filling out the Fundraiser Notification Form. Once the fundraiser has been approved, the team will be notified by the fundraising coordinator.
    2. Once the team has held the fundraiser, it will be the responsibility of either the team manager or the head coach to complete the Fundraising Final Report to provide the club with the following:
      1. Amount of money taken in
      2. Intentions for use of money (tournaments, warm-up suits, ball bags, etc)
      3. Cash or check for five percent (5%) of the net profits made payable to BSC.
    3. The fundraising coordinator will keep records for one (1) year on file of all fundraising activities performed by individual teams.
  2. Fundraiser Notification Form and Fundraising Final Report can be found by visiting http://www.boyertownsoccerclub.net/forms/