Concussion Awareness

In November of 2012, EPYS's Board of Directors passed a policy endorsing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Act 101, known as the “Safety In Youth Sports Act.” The Policy on Concussion Procedure and Protocol mandates concussion education for everyone involved in our sport, including parents and players. This policy also mandates certification for all coaches. In addition, all member organizations must annually certify that they are compliant with the policy.

Below are resources relevent to concussion education:

Centers for Disease Control: Traumatic Brain Injury - educational website regarding head injuries

Coaches Fact Sheets - A downloadable fact sheet for coaches (in English and in Spanish)

Coaches Clipboard Sheet - A one page checklist that every coach should have at every practice/match

Guide to Sports Concussions - An article donated by Tyler (A student in the Boyertown School District)

Parents Fact Sheets - A downloadable fact sheet for parents (in English and in Spanish)

Athletes Fact Sheets - A downloadable fact sheet for athletes (in English and in Spanish)

Coach Certification

In order to meet the fulfill the policy set forth by EPYS, each head and assistant coach in our intramural and travel programs will be required to complete a short informational training called 'Heads Up Concussion in Youth Sports." The training (a series of video clips, and short quizes) will take about 30 minutes to complete.

Please click here to access the Heads Up Concussion in Youth Sports Certification

At the beginning of the training, it will ask for your name. Please enter your first and last name. At the end of the training, there will be an opportunity for you to print a certificate. Please provide a copy of that certificate to the Director of Travel or Director of Intramural prior to the start of the season.